About Ventis

Ventis was started in 2011 by a group of three blokes, all who have backgrounds in the ventilation industry.

All of them family men with young kids, they recognised the importance of ventilation for a healthy, comfortable home environment. They knew, as any parent does, that creating a healthy environment for their children is a high priority.

They decided to invest in creating a ventilation system that incorporated modern technology. Enlisting the help of Planet Innovation - innovation and product development specialists, they set about to develop a product designed to create healthier, more comfortable homes. The result was the Ventis Home Ventilation System - the best system on the market.

Ventis is a young and rapidly growing company with a fantastic culture. Ventis staff and family members feature exclusively in all marketing material, which is of course fronted by the great Australian sporting legend - George Gregan. A Ventis was installed in George’s mother-in-law’s house... she loved it. Long story short, George signed up as our ambassador, and we couldn’t be happier. George is a family man, keen on good health and being environmentally responsible - a perfect fit for Ventis.

Our story has only just begun. Ventilation is good for you... pass it on.

Ventis Home Ventilation

Ventis Home Ventilation

George walks us through the features and benefits of a Ventis Ventilation System.


  • Remove Damp, Condensation & Mould
  • Heating Your Home
  • Cooling Your Home
  • Relieve Allergies & Asthma
  • Energy & Other Savings
  • Remove Odours & Improve Air Quality