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Welcome to a cooler home with Ventis Home Ventilation.

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On hot, humid summer nights, Ventis circulates naturally cool night air around your home.

This cool, fresh air you breathe while sleeping is filtered - an advantage for children or anyone who values a restful sleep.

Reduce the use of power hungry air conditioning at night to cool down your home. This may result in real power savings through summer.

Ventis draws the cool night air through a very effective, medical grade filter, removing air pollution - including pollen, allergens and harmful dust - and

then... positively circulates the fresh, cool air through the bedrooms and living areas in your home - expelling heat and humidity - creating a welcome, healthy ventilation flow.

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Cool Home TVC

Cool Home TVC

George explains how you can flush out unwanted heat and humidity on hot summer nights, with a Ventis Home Ventilation System.
Cool Home Animation

Cool Home Animation

A detailed animation of how the Ventis system works.


  • Remove Damp, Condensation & Mould
  • Heating Your Home
  • Cooling Your Home
  • Relieve Allergies & Asthma
  • Energy & Other Savings
  • Remove Odours & Improve Air Quality