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Welcome to a warmer home with Ventis Home Ventilation.

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Sunshine and daylight radiating upon your roof surface provides a source of free, naturally warm air in the roof space below.

The Ventis system draws the warm air through a very effective, medical grade filter, removing air pollution including pollen, allergens and harmful dust. Then circulates the fresh, warm, drier air through the bedrooms and living areas in your home, creating an even temperature, and a healthy ventilation flow.

Most winter days, Ventis delivers this warmer air into your home, driving out winter damp. Your home becomes easier to heat and you may see your heating bills start to reduce. So that's warmer inside, and more energy efficient. That's a nice warm, welcome home.

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Warm Home TVC

Warm Home TVC

George pops up into the roofspace to explain how Ventis uses the naturally warmer air to heat your home.
Warm Home Animation

Warm Home Animation

A detailed animation of how the Ventis system works.


  • Remove Damp, Condensation & Mould
  • Heating Your Home
  • Cooling Your Home
  • Relieve Allergies & Asthma
  • Energy & Other Savings
  • Remove Odours & Improve Air Quality