2016 Summer tips and specials

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Updating your Ventis settings for summer

The Ventis system can introduce cooler night air into your home, creating a cooler, fresher and more restful environment.  As every home is different, your Ventis settings can be tailored to suit. However, we suggest the following:
  • Reduce your set point to between 18 and 20 degrees
  • Switch ‘Heating’ off and ‘Cooling’ on
  • Set Circulation mode to ‘Circ 2’ or Boost ‘mid’ (depending on version of controller)
  • If your system has ‘Drying’ mode, set it to ‘off’

Free retrofit - summer accessory upgrade

Want more Natural cooling? The Ventis Auto Cooler and Auto Whirly are great accessories to enhance the cooling capability of your Ventis.

Save money and call 1800 80 20 80 (or complete this form) now to book your upgrade installation before Christmas, and we'll waive the retrofit fee (valued at over $100)

Introducing the new Ventis Premium Filter

Want the very best in Filtration? Ideal for those with medical reasons, allergy, hypersensitivity or simply desire ultra clean air we are proud to introduce our new Premium Filter which takes whole home ventilation to a new level with 2-stage filtration...

Stage 1 - Carbosorb is designed to absorb objectionable odours or chemicals in gaseous form, including formaldehyde and sulphur dioxide.

Stage 2 – Nano is rated to F9 (MERV 16) is Surgical Grade Filtration with anti-microbial properties.

Now you have a choice when you book your next filter change; our standard F7 (MERV 13) filter or our new 2-stage Premium filter.

Checking your Filter

If the filter symbol is displayed on your screen it means your filter is due to be replaced and your system may not be functioning correctly.  

Filter symbol display


Depending on your location, a service technician can be arranged to replace the filter for you and check the system, or you can DIY.

Refer to your instruction manual

If you require further information on your Ventis system please refer to your manual, or phone us during business hours on 1800 80 20 80 and we’ll guide you on the process.

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