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Ventis Customer Reviews

"Clients are walking in, noticing the difference and asking what have you done?"

I had a Ventis installed in my wellness centre last Tuesday. I absolutely love it! The air quality is amazing! Clients are walking in, noticing the difference and asking what have you done?

As my centre is located right next to the M1 Motorway, I don’t open any of the windows because of the noise and I don’t want the fumes and dust coming into my centre. Instead I would run the ducted air-conditioning/heating all the time.

I did this because I didn’t know there was any cost effective option to make a difference. So when you came and showed me the benefits of Ventis and how I could get purified air into all of my centre for about 11 cents of electricity a day, I jumped at the chance.

As early as the next day, both my assistant and our clients already noticed the difference with the air quality in the centre. And I’m getting some days where I don’t have to run my air-conditioning/heating at all, so I’m going to save on my electricity bill as well!

Thank you Shawn and Ventis,
Dr. Steven Katz, BSc, D.C.
Director of the Infinite Potential Centre

Infinite Potential Centre, West Burleigh, QLD

"This customer has had their Ventis installed for 18 hours - Sunshine Coast"

Slept soundly last night - usual sleep pattern is restless for a large
portion of the night - woke up able to breath through both nostrils - this
is not the usual as I normally wake up with a stuffy head and hardly able
to breath, followed by copious mucus and runny nose for the first few hours
after awaking.  So already feeling the benefits of the Ventis system. Dave
also slept soundly and woke early - refreshed and ready for the day. 

Can see our health and wellbeing will improve as we gain good quality sleep
with the Ventis system in our home.  Will certainly pass on information to
our neighbours who show interest in the system.

Barbara & Dave Purcell, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"We are amazed by the dramatic change of quality of air in our house"

We are amazed by the dramatic change of quality of air in our house, is cleaner and smells fresher. No more mildew in wardrobes, and the nights are cooler to sleep in summer, and the house is a lot more comfortable all year round. We have had the Ventis system in our home since 24/7/2013, and this would have to be one of the best investments we have ever made, very economical to use, and the service is exceptional.

Thank you Ventis
Judy & Stanley Hills

Judy & Stanley Hills, Gold Coast, QLD

"I used to have a problem with dampness and mustiness downstairs but not any more."

Having Ventis installed in my home towards the end of winter, I really noticed how warm the house was at night without the need for any heating. It has kept my home warm and cozy during the cooler weather and now with summer fast approaching Ventis is keeping my home cooler at night without the added cost of air conditioning. I used to have a problem with dampness and mustiness downstairs but not any more. There’s also no longer any lingering cooking odors from the previous nights dinner! I walk in the front door to fresh clean air and I love it. It’s healthier, economical, uses the suns energy for warmth and the cooler night air in the summer, is easy to install and it works!


Corina Saber, Murwillumbah, NSW

"The house is a lot more comfortable year round."

In winter our home used to be called ‘the morgue’ because it was freezing! And over summer it’d be like walking into a sweat box. But since having our Ventis installed, we’ve noticed a massive difference! We haven’t used our air conditioner near as much and the house is a lot more comfortable year round. 

Over summer the auto whirly has made a big difference too.

We are very happy with our Ventis. It’s the best money we’ve spent on this house!

Nole & Maureen Jouanett. Oak Flats, NSW

"Amazed by the dramatic change in the air quality of our home"

I was away for the first three days after my Ventis system was installed and as soon as I returned I was amazed by the dramatic change in the air quality of our home. The air felt drier and warmer, the carpet and lounges were no longer tacky and there was no damp smell! Whilst we haven’t had much sun to allow us to test out the heating aspect of the system, 10 days into our Ventis experience we are extremely pleased. Thanks again!

Kellie. Queanbeyan, NSW

"The system has made a huge difference to my life"

My Ventis system was installed twelve months ago and I just wanted to tell you how happy I have been with it and the service that the team has provided. 

They have all been courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. The system itself has made a huge difference to my life. I have always suffered from hay fever and this was the main reason that the unit was installed. The weather has been extreme in the last Spring and Summer but, my hay-fever has been the least troublesome since I came to Canberra sixteen years ago. 

Thank you  Ventis!

Kathy, NSW

"The nights in my home have been cool and we are sleeping easier."

When James came to my home and told me about the system I was a bit dubious that the system would work as well as what he said it would. I took the leap of faith and couldn’t be happier with the results.

This summer I have had cooler nights even on the hottest days the nights in my home have been cool and we are sleeping easier. We could actually feel the cool air coming into our bedrooms which is different from the air from my ceiling fans. The Ventis system is quieter than my ceiling fan in my room and we are sleeping easier.

Last winter I have loved that my whole home has warmed up and my bedrooms start warm. I am happy with the free heat that the system is giving my home. In the evening I use the circulation mode to push the heat from my fireplace throughout the rest of my home.

Tom P, Salt Ash NSW

"Certainly helping with our summer heat"

Thank you for your call today which gave us the opportunity to say how pleased we are with our Ventis ventillation system! The system does everything we were told it would – it is particularly effective in winter and it is certainly helping with our summer heat. We would certainly recommend the system to anyone.

Mal & Pam, Salamander Bay NSW

"The difference it makes in winter is great"

The whole concept of the Ventis system is brilliant. But the thing that really got me? The filtered air. My wife suffers from asthma and I myself suffer from allergies and we’ve definitely noticed the difference with the purified air, particularly at night – we sleep so much better.

The difference it makes in winter is great. We come home to a warm house, it’s more comfortable. Our use of the heater and air conditioner has reduced. For instance, we’re at the end of a very hot October and we haven’t turned the air con on once. The auto whirly makes the cooling process of the Ventis a lot more effective.

Prior to our Ventis, we struggled with the heat, particularly upstairs, but since having it installed – we’ve noticed a massive difference. Ventis works effectively, especially in autumn and spring. The Ventis system does it all – heat, cool, but more importantly purifies the air in your home.

David C, Horsley NSW

"One of the best investment we’ve ever made"

Our home is typically a very cold house in winter, but the Ventis has made such a big difference! Our reverse cycle air conditioner didn’t get put on this winter at all and we only used the gas heater on freezing days, and even then we weren’t turning it on until late afternoon.

The last few years we’ve both been getting colds through winter, not sure if it’s a coincidence, but this year? Nothing! Mould was a major issue in our home, and one of the main reasons we got it installed in the first place. We’re so glad we did because the mould’s disappeared as well as the musty smells.

This would have to be the one of the best investment we’ve ever made.

Bob & Bessi R, Barrack Heights NSW

"Noticed a great improvement in my health"

The benefits we get from our system Ventis system far outweighs the initial investment.  Within a week of the installation there was a noticeable difference in the air quality within our home. It got rid of the day-to-day living odours, especially those that come with having two indoor dogs.

Before getting the system, we had a bad mould problem, but since getting our Ventis installed, there’s been a 100% improvement.

During winter we’d usually be using the heater for 4-5 hours a day, if not more. This winter, we only required heating for 1-2 hours on really cold days. I suffer from hay fever and asthma and have noticed a great improvement in my health. This spring I haven’t had to use any hay fever medication and I am using my asthma inhaler a lot less.

We love our Ventis!

Patrick C, Mt Warrigal NSW

"The fresh air flow is wonderful"

The fresh air flow is wonderful and there’s been a significant reduction in dust. The Ventis system clears away pet and cooking smells. There is a burst of fresh air and the effect of the afternoon summer heat is reduced thanks to the auto whirly extracting the heat out of the roof cavity.

We especially notice the difference when we go away and the house is locked up. You come home and the house is still fresh.  We’re very happy with our Ventis system and are also very pleased with the professionalism of the installation team and the staff of Ventis.

Margaret & Allan, Oak Flats, Illawarra

"Air in the home is a lot fresher"

We’ve noticed a difference in heating in winter – the whole house heats up instead of just one room. And in summer the temperature is a lot lower inside. Before we had our Ventis installed, it’d be 5-6 degrees hotter inside than it was out, but now it’s a lot cooler. The auto whirly really makes a noticeable difference.

Both being indoor smokers, we’ve noticed the air in the home is a lot fresher since having Ventis installed. We have certainly noticed the difference since getting our Ventis.

But most importantly? It does what you say it does.

Wayne & Annette, Albion Park Rail, Illawarra

"A big reduction in house dust"

We installed our Ventis four months ago at the start of winter. It’s made our home warmer. As a result we haven’t needed to use our split cycle air-conditioner much, which has reduced our power bill. We live quite close to the M5 motorway and we have also noticed a big reduction in house dust.

With spring being so hot, we have now had our first experience with the Auto Cooler fan. We’re now getting a cool change through the house in the early evening. I’m a big sweater. I usually sleep with just a sheet, but with the Auto Cooler and the lower humidity I am yet to sweat and now sleep with a blanket.

We’re preparing to add an extra room to our house. We are very pleased that the Ventis can be so easily and inexpensively expanded to ventilate this new room. 

Kelly and Michael, Moorebank NSW

"The airflow around the home is amazing"

From the start, the initial service and install was fast and well organized and the installers were polite and well-mannered. The controls are easy to read and easy to use.

The airflow around the home is amazing. It helps get rid of odours (ie. From the baby or dog) and smells in a room disappear quickly.

Dust is reduced within the home which makes cleaning easier and helps our asthma and hay fever. Myself, my wife and our kids all have asthma and get bad hay fever so the filter purifying the air has helped reduce both of these.

Around our shower area, we used to get mould and build up because we don’t have a fan to ventilate it, but since getting the Ventis installed, we haven’t had any mould at all.

During the winter months we save on our heating bills as we only used the heater once for the entire winter! It kept a nice temperature of around 17-19 degrees-and that’s at 11pm! I have seen this technology in America but to have it here is great - a solid investment. The green technology appealed to us especially.

Michael & Therese K, Albion Park Illawarra

"It does a good job purifying the air and helping us breathe easier"

I get terrible hay fever and sinus problems, but since getting Ventis  installed there has been a big improvement. It does a good job purifying the air and helping us breathe easier.

Brian & Florence S, Albion Park Illawarra

"Hot nights are much more comfortable"

We have had our Ventis system installed for a year. During that time we have enjoyed the performance of the system. We no longer sleep with our air conditioner on during the night during summer and we find hot nights are much more comfortable. We also had a mould problem in our bathroom but since installing the Ventis system our mould has gone completely. During winter I love the fact that we come home to a house that’s warm instead of cold, and it does it all without any fuss.

I would recommend Ventis to anyone.

Manuel R, Haywards Bay Illawarra

"Much warmer during winter"

RE: Installation of my Ventis system

The system kept my house much warmer during winter and again cooler during those very hot summer days. I also must comment on the help given by Simon over the Christmas period. It was just wonderful, he was polite and it was easy to understand his instructions. Thanks to you all.

Kit B, Moss Vale NSW

"We’ve definitely noticed the heating benefits over winter"

The biggest benefit since having our Ventis installed is the improvement in my wife’s health. My wife suffers badly from asthma and allergies and that was the main reason we had it put it in to begin with - the heating and cooling was just a bonus. I’ve noticed her health improve since having our Ventis put in, as well as the amount of medication she is taking reduced.

We’ve definitely noticed the heating benefits over winter. We haven’t had to use the heater anywhere near as much. Our Ventis is never off - it’s always running. We haven’t noticed it adding anything to the power bills, if anything it’s saved us money with us not using the heater as much.

Another thing we enjoy is it looks after itself – it turns itself on and off when it needs to. It does its thing without you needing to worry about it!

Donna and Peter, Mt Warrigal NSW

"It’s much more comfortable"

Mould was a big issue for us, particularly in the kids’ room so we were eager to find a solution. We found out about Ventis and couldn’t believe it – it was what we were looking for.

The reason we got a Ventis was to reduce the mould in our home, and it’s cheap to run, but it hasn’t just been a dry home that’s been the only benefit - we haven’t needed to use the gas heater as often and it’s gotten rid of the musty smell also. We had a fairly cold house but it’s good now, it’s much more comfortable. The best part is, we just set the temperature and let it go.

The install was quick, efficient and the guys cleaned up after themselves. Our consultation with Brendan was great – he was thorough, answered all our questions and told us everything we needed to know.

 I talk Ventis up to anybody that says “my house is really cold”, “my house is really warm” and especially “I have mould issues”. My response to people with these issues? “You need to call Ventis!” It’s not often these days you find a product that does what it says it’s going to do. Our neighbors got one too!

Amanda, Figtree NSW

"It’s made a big difference"

We had a major mould problem, particularly when we travelled and locked the house up. We were looking for means to control the humidity in the house while we were away. We came across Brendan at a business expo in Kiama and even though our house is mainly cathedral ceiling, Brendan thought that it was possible to find a way to make the system work. So we took a gamble and were initially quite hesitant due to the lack of roof cavity, but Brendan assured us that the system would solve our problem so we decided to go ahead. It’s proved to be very successful! 

So far we’ve had no problems with mould at all. It has helped the heating and cooling – we now use the air conditioner infrequently. We find the system is very quiet, the positive ventilation from the fans is excellent. The single biggest benefit to us is the Auto Whirly pumping the hot air out of the roof in summer; it’s made a big difference. I would recommend the Auto Whirly to anyone! It works so well together with the Ventis system.

Another thing we’ve noticed is the fresh, clean smell. The best part? The system does what it’s supposed to do.

Alan and Margaret, Jamberoo NSW

"I have had no wet walls or windows at all"

I have been putting this letter together for some time sorry I am so tardy in getting it to you, I just want to thank you for the way you took the time to explain the way the Ventis system worked and I also want to thank the team who worked with you to install the Ventis system in the roof cavity of my home.

When you first came out to explain the system to me I had major problems with sopping wet windows and wet walls during the winter months, and nothing I did stopped it from happening. The Ventis system has been installed now for three months and for two months of this winter I have had no wet walls or windows at all.

I am over the moon with happiness and I praise the system to everyone, I also want to say that many nights I have not had to turn the heater on as the retained heat that is pumped into the home from the ceiling keeps me and my house warm it just needs some sunshine so must be a huge saving on power.

I also want to thank Jess for her help, and I am sure that I will be phoning her soon to organise to have the autowhirly installed in time for summer.

Lastly if ever you need someone to use to recommend the Ventis System please call on me as I can't say enough about it.

Kay C, Blue Mountains NSW

"There is no more water running down the inside of my windows"

"For years my house has been damp with mould & mildew. The problem had been worsening. Since having Ventis installed a few weeks ago, the results are amazing. My house smells fresher, there is no more water running down the inside of my windows. Mould & mildew is no longer forming. I am a very happy customer!"

Glynis, Bundanoon NSW

"The house is more comfortable"

 The idea of good ventilation appealed to me when approached by Ventis.

In winter the house, which is large, is more even in temperature. The roof usually heats up by mid-morning and the house receives warm air from the roof – certainly the house is more comfortable.

In summer the exhaust of hot air from the roof makes quite a difference.

Ventis were very communicative and responsive to enquiries.

Rob, Cordeaux Heights NSW

"It’s taken the chill out of the house"

The main benefit I noticed compared to before we had a Ventis was the difference in temperature. It’s taken the chill out of the house. I personally don’t like artificial heating at all, it makes the house stuffy and the fresh air just disappears. So Ventis is a great alternative as you get the heating while ventilating the home to keep the air in the home nice and fresh.

Karen, Mt Kembla, Illawarra NSW

"The air quality is amazing!"

Dear Shawn and VENTIS,

I had a VENTIS installed in my wellness centre last Tuesday. I absolutely LOVE IT! The air quality is amazing! Clients are walking in, noticing the difference and asking what have you done?

As my centre is located right next to the M1 Motorway, I don’t open any of the windows because of the noise and I don’t want the fumes and dust coming into my centre. Instead I would run the ducted air-conditioning/heating all the time. I did this because I didn’t know there was any cost effective option to make a difference. So, when you came and showed me the benefits of the VENTIS andhow I could get purified air into all of my centre for about 11 cents of electricity a day, I jumped at the chance.

As early as the next day, both my assistant and our clients already noticed the difference with the air quality in the centre. AND I’m getting some days where I don’t have to run my airconditioning/heating at all so I’m going to save on my electricity bills as well! 

Thank you Shawn & VENTIS

Dr Steve K, West Burleigh QLD

"I love it!"

I am sitting here in my lovely warm home thanks to my Ventis being on most of day today. The air at home is so much better and cleaner now due to the great Ventis HEPA filter which cleans it from the roof space before it sends the warm air down into my home - I love it! Thank you, Ventis.

Alison, Sydney NSW

"The system keeps the house so comfortable"

I haven't forgotten my promise to let you know how the Ventis system is. The system is working beautifully. As you know it gets very cold here in Glenorie but since the Ventis has dried out the house (we had 92% humidity INSIDE in the rain) the temperature is a lovely 14 to 16 degrees during the day and at night we've only used the A/C about three times because the system keeps the house so comfortable. A big difference to last and all previous years. At night the temperature hasn't dropped below 9 (inside) - a real bonus when you think we used to go as low as 2.

The best thing of all is that I've been able to remove all the towels from the bottom of the windows in the bedroom because it no longer rains down the inside of the glass. What a bonus!

Steve and I just love the system. Can't wait for summer now to see how impressive it is in the heat. Thanks so much for you time in coming back to 'walk' Steve through the whole system, he really appreciated it. The service has been absolutely fantastic. Couldn't be happier.

Cheryl & Steve, Glenorie NSW

"Even temperature in every single room"

We had the Ventis system installed on Saturday by the Gosford crew. We have a lot of air issues both above and under the house and being in the middle of winter doesn't help things. Mould, smelly air, poor ventilation and damp - mix that with two young kids, myself with asthma - things were not good in the house. Saturday afternoon - we noticed a great deal of difference just in the temperature of the house alone. The back room was the same temperature as my eldest son's bedroom - a room that was notoriously known as the ice block. By Sunday afternoon - they system had paid for itself. No condensation on any of the windows. Even temperature in every single room. No use of the air conditioner. The smell of the rooms smell fresh, not stagnant. AMAZING!! It's so worth it and we regret not getting it done earlier. So impressed with the system, so grateful for the Gosford team who were beyond professional and so courteous. Could not speak more highly of the system or the Gosford team. :)

Karen S, Gosford NSW

"The air in our home is so much lighter and warmer"

The air in our home is so much lighter and warmer. Thanks to everyone at Ventis for the fantastic product and service. We LOVE it!

Deb, Sydney NSW

"I am a convert!"

I am a convert! I SEE the light (that's because the condensation on my windows disappears so quickly now). 

We got our system last week and I can't wait for summer now.

Sarah W

"Our house is so much more comfortable!"

Just saw Georgie on a Ventis TV ad. It reminded me to say I'm loving our Ventis. We have not had mould on our windows or ceilings for the past year, and our house is so much more comfortable! Thank you!!

Jenni Brown, Sydney

"We continue to be impressed by the cooling and heating capabilities"

Since having the Ventis system installed in February this year we have nothing but praise for it. Apart from removing humidity and cleansing the air in our house we continue to be impressed by the cooling and heating capabilities of the system. In the warm summer February nights we found the cool air in the roof flowing through the house as we were going to bed, ensuring that the hot summer days did not continue long into the night. Now that we have reached May and mountain temperatures are falling we are getting the benefit of warm air being pumped into the house from early morning until early evening. We look forward to cheaper heating and cooling costs for many years to come.

Martin & Jennifer, Blue Mountains

"I love what the Ventis system has done for my home."

The change in my home has been dramatic but measurable.The first day after getting the Ventis installed into my home I noticed that my home was smelling better.

The second change was around day 2 when my home no longer smelt like my 2 dogs and cat. 

The next major change happened around 2 weeks after the system was installed and I noticed less surface dust and that the home no longer felt damp. 

I love that since the Ventis has been put into my home that my health has been positively affected. I have an extreme allergic reaction to mould spores, and now with the Ventis installed I no longer have a rattling in my chest when I breathe.

I no longer tell the time in my home due to the temperature in the home.  It is a new experience having to look for a clock to know what time it is. The Ventis system has been able to keep a steady temperature in my home all day and night. 

Jane Chorlton, Medowie NSW

"Friendliness, professionalism and cleanliness"

Just a small note to thank your team of Ben, Elijah and Izzy who installed our Ventis system yesterday (monday 15th April) for their friendliness, professionalism and cleanliness after the job was completed. And thanks to Ben for explaining all details of the system. We would also like to thank Dusty Lindsay for the way he conducted himself when giving us the quote.

Many thanks

James & Sue, Penrith

"We love the difference it has made to our house"

I wanted to write and thank you both for my Ventis system that was installed approximately 2 months ago. We love the difference it has made to our house - almost immediately. We had several rooms that had a strong musty smell that we had lived with for many years. Just days after installation, the smell has all but disappeared in every room.

I have notice a distinct change in the air quality we have in the house. The air is much lighter (due to reduced humidity) and definitely fresher all round.

We particularly love the Auto Cool Kit that was added to the system. Previously, we would turn on our central air conditioning and leave it running for a few hours before going to bed. It did cool the house down nicely, however, the heat that was trapped in the roof would permeate down into the bedrooms and we would wake up feeling hot and sticky in the middle of the night. Since the Auto Cool kit, we have had simply the best night’s sleep possible. The Ventis brings in the lovely cool air from outside all night long. We are sleeping in much later than usual and feeling far more refreshed when we get up in the morning.

We had a few hot days in a row, and instead of the house maintaining the hot stuffy heat, the Ventis removed all the hot humid air and made our living environment far more comfortable. We now hardly use our air-conditioning at all. We are heading into Winter and are very much looking forward the  extra warmth the system will deliver and the cost saving of not running our central air as much.

On a side note, the service we has received has been nothing short of exceptional. It is genuinely refreshing to deal with a company that takes such pride in its customer service, especially the ongoing support we have experienced. Your motto of “Customer for Life” is clearly taken very seriously.

We would be extremely happy to recommend a Ventis system to anyone that is considering it.

Primrose & Ian (Willoughby, NSW)

"I love the temperatures that we are getting"

I love the temperatures that we are getting in our house with the Ventis System.  We have been warmer and more comfortable in the winter and cooler in the summer. I have loved seeing that our roof is cooler in the summer with the Auto Whirly.

This Flu season passed by our home with our young children fairly quietly due to not being sick they year compared to last year.

We have noticed that our home has less dust in it now that the Ventis system is in our house.

Sam & Jacqui (Lindsay St, Hamilton)

"Electricity bill 30% less"

I have found that we are using our heating and cooling less since we have put the Ventis system in. We just received our last power bill and found that our electricity cost is 30% less than last year.

David (Robinia Grove, Garden Suburbs)

"Easier to sleep at night"

We enjoy our New Ventis System as it has our kept our home at a more constant & comfortable climate, and has also reduced our need to use our AC for extended periods. 

My wife has found it easier to sleep at night and allowed her to sleep better. My son also doesn’t have the hay fever and is able to breathe easier since the Ventis system has been put in.

Bailey Family (Gymea Dr, Garden Suburbs)

"We recommend Ventis"

With one winters experience, the Ventis System has operated successfully with some assistance from our installed gas heater early in the morning between 6am and 9am, after that it maintained the house area at 23 degrees (plus/minus a degree) until about 8.30pm when the gas heater was started.  The gas heater was set much lower for the winter than usual.

We have not altered the original setting of the system and will do this with care sometime soon.  The kilowatt hours of electricity has not changed greatly, I believe because gas & electric heaters have had less use.

To sum up, we are pleased and could without hesitation recommend the Ventis System to everybody.

Milton and Joy (Collaroy Plateau)

"Warmer in winter & wiped out my hayfever"

We installed the ‘Ventis’ technology at the tail end of winter. Our house was always very cold. The result was truly amazing. The filtered hot air from the roof above the batts has given us more comfort then we could ever imagine.

However, we didn’t anticipate that the filtered air system would wipe out my lifelong hay fever problem. Health wise, we are so much improved.

Gary (Wheeler Heights)

"Changed my health and made my life better"

I am really happy with my Ventis System. I used to have 2 Asthma attacks each night. Since I have put the system in my home I haven’t had an Asthma attack at all. 

I love the fact that I can heat and cool my home to my set point automatically and not need to worry about it.

I no longer have mould in my home. The Ventis system has changed my health and made my life better.

Kerrin (Walker St, Warners Bay)

"Loving having less dust in my home"

We love the better temperatures that we have gotten from our Ventis system.  

I am loving having less dust in my home and enjoying the fresh air that my family and I are breathing.

Julie (Mitchell St, Musswellbrook, NSW)

"Well & truly worth it"

Prior to the Ventis System being installed we had an ongoing problem with moisture, condensation & mould in the house. In the space on 5 weeks these problems have already shown signs of clearing. The house feels & smells a lot fresher. Temperature control has also improved quite a lot.  

We feel the outlay for the Ventis System is well & truly worth it and the health of our home will continue to improve.

Paul & Lynn (Sapphire Close, Caves Beach NSW)

"Loving the cooler temperatures"

We purchased the Ventis system because we had moisture problems in all our bedrooms because we had Damprids in all of the bedrooms. After 10 days of having the system I went out of my home and looked around the neighbourhood and found that I was the only home that didn’t have condensation on the windows.  

I have loved the fact that I have used my heating less and loving the cooler temperatures this spring.

Mark (Cypress Close, Fletcher)

"Extremely happy with our Ventis system"

We are extremely happy with our Ventis system and right from the very first day of installation we have felt the warming benefits as it was a cold day outside. That night everything from the floor, bedding, furniture felt toasty warm in no time.

My granddaughter had a runny nose for 6 months that first night her nose has cleared up.

The Maddison’s (Lings Rd, Butai)

"Install team did a very professional job"

The install team did a very professional job and cleaned up after themselves.  

Adrian the lead installer has spent a lot of time making sure the system is working well and doing what it needs. I have already enjoyed a nice cool spring already and look forward to a cool summer with the Ventis System.

I love the fact that my windows no longer have condensation on them.

Relma & Ivan (Melville Ford Rd, Melville)

"Our home is more comfortable now"

We had mould and condensation in our bedrooms, since we have the system put in we no longer have any condensation on the windows and it is controlling the mould.

We purchased the system so we would not have to use our fully ducted air conditioner as much. We haven’t had to use it since the Ventis system put in.

Our home is more comfortable now that we have the system and we are very pleased with our results.

Janene (Cessnock)

"I would recommend a Ventis system to anyone"

I recently bought a Ventis ventilation system and I’m very pleased that I did. There has been a noticeable difference to the house temperature during the cooler part of the year.

I would recommend a Ventis system to anyone wanting to moderate temperature extreme in the home.

Donald (Jones St, Birmingham Gardens)

"My home feels better now"

I have had the system for 1 week and have really loved the cooling function. I’ve noticed that the roof cavity cools down regularly each night and have enjoyed knowing that I’m getting that fresh air into my home.

When the gentleman who knocked on my door said that I would have a dryer home I didn’t think it would happen this fast. I have noticed that my home feels better now that what it did before.

Susan (Ellerton Parade, Jewells)

"We enjoy the more comfortable temperatures"

This spring we’ve had quite a few days between 30–40 degrees and found that the house on average is 24 degrees. We have a Ventis system with the Auto Whirly and have found our roof cavity at a cooler temperature naturally. We used to have to turn on our air conditioners the minute we have come home, but now we just come into our home and enjoy the more comfortable temperatures no matter what the temperature is outside. For example on Thursday (25/10/12) the outside temperature was 38 our roof cavity was only 39 and our home was 24.7 degrees. One day my granddaughter was with me at the table and asked if our air conditioner was on because she was quite cool and I said no it is the new Ventis system.

I no longer have a problem with dust, allergies and condensation in my house.

John & Bev (Fletcher St, Beresfield)

"Warmer, drier & more comfortable"

Since having the Ventis system installed the house is warmer, drier and generally more comfortable.  Our family has 3 asthma sufferers and that has also been improved.  The after sales service has been brilliant and the installation process good too.

Peter (Narraweena, NSW)

"I can come home to a warm home"

House smells better now that the system is in.

I feel like I can open the doors of my home and enjoy the outside while having my home stay warm. I love the fact that I can come home to a warm home instead of a cold home in winter.

This is one of the best investments we’ve made for our home.

Renee (Kula Dr, Medowie NSW)

"It makes such a difference"

We love our ventis and even in our winter cold with minus C temps, it might work for a bit in the middle of the day. 

It makes such a difference especially in the colder shoulder seasons of spring and autumn. It would work quietly most of the day, and we did not need to heat the house when we got in at 5 pm, when normally, we would have come to a very cold house, it is comfortable now.

Due to using an unflued gas heater as our 'quick warm up the main living space' form of heat especially when the night has been -8 C, I know that we can use the Ventis to quickly cleanse the air of the rather harmful fumes. The house smells fresher and we have all been very healthy this autumn and winter, despite being very busy and somewhat stressed by overwork. I think the Ventis makes our home a healthier place.


Isabelle & Karl

"Hay fever is nowhere near as bad as it normally is at this time of year"

I had a Ventis system installed in October and I am really happy with the way it has performed during the recent very hot weather. There has been no build-up of heat in the house because it cools down overnight. Worth every penny for that alone. I am not using my air conditioning as much as I used to. Also my hay fever is nowhere near as bad as it normally is at this time of year.

Ailsa T

"The damp has gone out of our house and the air is fresh"

We have had our systems installed just under a year and have certainly felt the benefits in both Summer and Winter. The damp has gone out of our house and the air is fresh.

With a baby and a toddler around the improvement is great. I would happily recommend the Ventis system.

Clare, Paul, Georgie and Joe

"I am enjoying cleaner air in the house"

I had Ventis installed in October, keen to have it done before summer heat and humidity set in. We live on a main road, so I also wanted a way to reduce incoming dirt and pollutants, and handle asthma -causing allergens. It hasn’t been really hot and humid yet, but I am enjoying cleaner air in the house. It smells pleasant and fresh when I return home and when I wake up in the morning. Great when there is a smoker in the house.


"The house is cooler and fresher"

We had our Ventis system installed in our Pymble home ten days ago. You guys have the BEST staff; everyone who was involved in the process has been awesome. The house is cooler and fresher; the system is super easy to use and quiet. Well done Team Ventis. Chalk up another HAPPY CUSTOMER..!

Mark Marriott, Pymble

"The house remains very comfortable on hot days"

Our Ventis system has substantially improved the comfort of our home. In winter the extra warmth was very welcome as we do not heat most of the house and Canberra’s cold temperatures used to keep the unheated parts very cold. The Ventis system raised the average temperature of unheated areas by about three degrees, which was markedly more comfortable.

That was good, but the benefit in summer seems even better. The Ventis system cools the whole house down each night so when the outside temperature begins rising in the morning we have a significantly lower starting point than we would otherwise, both in the house and in the ceiling space. The autowhirly then removes hot air from the ceiling space during the day so that the house does not heat up as much as it used to. The result is that the house remains very comfortable on hot days.

This experience has led us to buy a Ventis system for our daughter’s house.

Peter (Canberra)

"The condensation that we were getting on our windows has almost gone"

We are enjoying our Ventis System. The temperature from the front of the house to the cold southern side is now a more even temperature. We’ve also noticed that we are using our electric heating less. The 3.6kw electric heater up until this time of the year last year was running most of the day. Ventis has cut this down to around 30% and predominately in the morning. The condensation that we were getting on our windows has almost gone.

John (Garran, ACT)

"Already saving on heating bills"

I believe I am already saving on heating bills by using my Ventis system to warm the air early in the evening to take the chill off the air before turning on the heating. Using that facility for a couple of hours every day in winter is certain to lower heating costs. And I have no doubt I will save money in the same way in the summer.

Wendy (Wanniassa, ACT)

"My home is a much nicer place to live"

I have had a Ventis system installed since February 2012. The system has significantly reduced the levels of dust in my house. The air is fresher smelling with the ‘lock up’ smell almost gone. I am waking up less congested and definitely running the heater less.

My home is a much nicer place to live. Happy to recommend to anyone in Canberra.

Jonathon (Chisholm, ACT)

"Technicians were great"

We only had our Ventis system put in last Monday.  The technicians were great and we can’t wait to see the results!

Megan (Lane Cove, NSW)

"Nice and fresh"

I love it when I come home and the house is nice and fresh.

Anne (Queanbeyan, ACT)

"Installers were lovely and caring for the house"

Just wanted you to know all went very well yesterday. Installers were lovely and caring for the house. We have had 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and solar unit installed and each time was a disaster. Your guys restored our faith. Please thank them again from us.

Gloria (McKellar, ACT)

"Polite and professional team"

Please thank your polite and professional team for the great job they did with the installation of our Ventis system today.

Damien and LeeAnne (Harrison, ACT)

"Dramatic change in the air quality of our home"

I was away for the first three days after my Ventis system was installed and as soon as I returned I was amazed by the dramatic change in the air quality of our home. The air felt drier and warmer, the carpet and lounges were no longer tacky and there was no damp smell! Whilst we haven’t had much sun to allow us to test out the heating aspect of the system, 10 days into our Ventis experience we are extremely pleased. Thanks again!

Kellie (Jerrabomberra, ACT)

"Absolutely delighted with how well it is working"

Thank you so much for calling us the other day to follow up on our new Ventis system.

Since the system was installed in October we have been absolutely delighted with how well it is working. I used to come home and immediately put the gas heating on to warm up the house, as it would generally be around 16 degrees, way too cold to sit around in. After the Ventis system was installed, though, it would usually be around 22 degrees without the heating being on, very comfortable. We were absolutely staggered at the difference it made.

I have also noticed that our laundry doesn’t have the stale smell that it used to have, which I put down to it being better ventilated.

You will remember how sceptical Peter was when you came to talk to us initially. Well he is totally converted now. We are so pleased with the system that we would be very happy for you to put these comments on your website and/or circulate them to potential buyers of the system. Thank you for all your efforts in selling this great system.

Jenny & Peter (Canberra)

"We came home to a fresh-smelling house"

Thank you for knocking on our door, Mark, and letting us know about this great system! We have just had the hottest January on record and it has been fascinating to watch the variations of temperature in our roof cavity via the little control panel. On one extreme day it reached an incredible 71 degrees up there. Yet, the house remained comfortable, and that same evening the Ventis system was quietly pumping cooler air into our rooms while we slept.

There certainly has been wasted energy sitting up above our heads that is now being used. I can’t wait to see the system helping our house maintain an even temperature during the cooler months.

We had our Ventis system installed just before we went on a 14 day cruise and Mark was right - we came home to a “fresh-smelling” house, even though it had been locked up for that fortnight.

It is a quiet, efficient system and we love it!

Ivan (Auburn, Sydney)

"Money well spent"

We had mould in one of the bedrooms that was closest to bathroom, laundry and hot water system, therefore open to the steam of hot showers, and hot air from dryers etc... Only this bedroom was showing mould on the ceiling, and cleaning it would just see it return within a couple of months. The earth is dry underneath the entire house, and no matter what we did...the mould returned.

These guys at ventis were door knocking our street and I showed them the issue we were having. We have vaulted ceilings, so there is not a lot of room for duct work, however we discussed a plan and managed to vent the 3 downstairs bedroom and living space.

We cleaned the bedroom ceiling before they came, and 6 months later the mould still hasn’t returned. The relief this has given us knowing we do not have a mouldy room for our child to sleep in is enormous.

Money well spent, and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

Les (Mt Colah, NSW)

"Solving cold & mould"

Our Ventis system has been installed for only 2 weeks, and all the team, from Scott the technician to final installation were professional and prompt in response to our enquires and the work performed. 

The system has operated as promised, delivering an exceptional household living environment, solving cold, mould and dampness issues with the warmer, cleaner airflow.

Brett & Narelle (Avalon, NSW)

"Very pleased"

 I am very pleased with the system. I love the fresh filtered air through out my whole home. Ventis has made my home dryer, cleaner and a better place to live.

My daughter’s bedroom because she has been gone for 3months used to smell unpleasant now smells better and the air is cleaner. The Ventis system has made my whole home more comfortable and even in temperature.

Ron (Frame Dr, Abermain)

"I love the Ventis System"

I love the Ventis System since it fixed the problems with my home. We had the Ventis system installed due to the home making me sick. I was constantly covered in hives due to the mould and the wet carpets. The wet carpets were so bad that the doors were causing the doors to swell to the point that we couldn’t close the doors.  

Since the Ventis system has been put in my home is more comfortable, there is no more mould growth in the home. The carpets are now completely dry and the doors close correctly.  

I am no longer looking to move to a new home.

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