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About Ventis
Ventis was conceived in 2010 by three entrepreneurs with backgrounds in the residential ventilation industry. They recognised the growing importance of a healthy, comfortable, energy efficient home environment.
A smart-home technology was consequently developed utilizing the benefits of solar gain along with purified air incorporating a significant innovation in humidity control. Ventis commenced trading in Sydney 2011 launching our whole home ventilation system to the residential home owner market focussing on creating a healthy, more energy efficient home. 2015 was a challenging year for Ventis which ultimately led to the acquisition and restructure of the company in 2016 by a small private investment group.

With the Ventis quickly growing to 10,000 customers in Australia. A the company is constantly refining and evolving their core product; the whole home ventilation system for both new and existing homes.

Moving forward, Ventis will expand the product range to include complimentary products in the ‘air movement’ and ‘energy efficiency’ focusing on the residential market.
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