Ventis Auto Cooler

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If deemed a good solution for your home, you can choose to install the Ventis Auto Cooler, which allows your Ventis Ventilation System to draw cooler night time air directly from the eave, or rooftop, further increasing the cooling capacity of your Ventis system.

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Ventis Auto Whirly

The Ventis Auto Whirly is a smart accessory which integrates into your home ventilation system. It automatically senses when the roof space is undesirable in summer and expels it through the eave or a vent in the roof at a rate of 325 litres per second.

Ventis COVID-19 Update

‘Ventilation ‘revolution’ needed to speed up Australia’s path out of lockdown’ – Article SMH 22/08/21

‘Filtered Fresh Outside Air into your home’ is recommended by NSW government & ‘Take steps to improve ventilation in indoor settings. Avoid using recirculated air in HVAC systems and increase outside air intake’, Updated March 28,2021. – Read More

Similar advice is in US and UK Government publications reference:

From the US – ‘Increase Ventilation with outside air.’ – Read More

From the UK – ‘Mechanical Ventilation in the home.’ ‘Ensure fresh air in do NOT recirculate indoor air’, Updated 30/7/21 – Read More

Ventis has Manufactured and distributed ‘In Home’ ventilation systems for the past 10 years and has been found to be very beneficial to Asthma and other respiratory problem sufferers.

The system introduces fresh outside air through its medical grade filters and continually exchanges air within the home 2-3 times per hour on a continued basis. The positive pressure expels existing air from the home.  For more detailed information call us on 1800 80 20 80

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