Create an Asthma and Allergy free zone

Health conditions which effect the airways are very common in Australia. Asthma, allergies and conditions like bronchitis are, unfortunately, part of every day life for a lot of us. The key to staying in control, and reducing the frequency and duration of episodes, is to control the quality of the air you breathe. You can’t do that outside, but you can inside, with a Ventis Home Ventilation System.

Our filter – The secret weapon against asthma and allergy triggers

The key component of a Ventis Home ventilation system is the filter. We’re not just blowing warm air around here. Our filter is like the bouncer at a pub, carefully controlling the quality of what is in the air that comes into your home. By drawing the air through an F7 MERV 14 filter, removing dust, pollen, pollution and other nasties down to 0.3 of a micron (coal dust gets down to 1 micron), we can drastically improve the air quality of the home. A blessing for asthma and allergy sufferers.

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Positive pressure – reducing dust and damp

By constantly introducing filtered air into the home, a Ventis Ventilation System flushes out damp, moisture-laden air and creates a positive pressure inside the home. This greatly reduces dust levels and creates a physical airflow barrier, imperceptible in day to day living, but powerful enough to ensure purified air is constantly blocking ‘dirty’ air from entering your home.

Allowing your home to breathe

The Ventis Ventilation System almost mimics our own respiratory system. It draws air in, filters it, and puts it to use. Our ducting even narrows to maintain air pressure all the way to the vents, much like the human airway which narrows as it branches into the lungs. Anyone with a respiratory condition knows how important a healthy set of lungs is.


Neutral Pressure- tightly sealed homes

Ventis can design a bespoke neutral pressure system for well-sealed homes to direct the fresh air into the occupied space and the stale air is expelled outside.

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