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Can you harness free warmth from your home?

Heating your home is expensive. There are ways to reduce this cost, though — by harnessing heat generated by the sun.

The sun’s power is incredible. In fact, Australia has the highest average solar radiation per square meter of any continent in the world. Every year countless KWh of solar energy radiate upon Aussie rooftops.

Solar energy is clean, quiet and, best of all, it’s free. As a result, solar energy is becoming more prevalent as a power source.

And this is one reason why home ventilation systems are so effective — they utilise this naturally-generated energy.

How is solar energy harnessed?

Your home’s roof is like a large trap for solar energy. This energy heats the air contained in the roof cavity below.

Home ventilation systems

A home ventilation system is fitted in the roof cavity of your home — where the air is warm. It draws air from two sources: from outside your home or from the warm dry air in the cavity of your roof. So, when your home needs heating, ventilation systems are clever enough to draw warm dry air from the cavity in your roof.

Clean, warm air

The air passes through a filter, which removes toxins, like pollen, dust mites, mould and strong smells. The resulting warm and clean air is then distributed throughout your home.

By introducing this new air, the laws of physics take over and the existing cold stale air is forced from your home via cracks around windows, doors and through specially-installed vents. This process is called “Positive pressure.”

Removes moisture

The dryer your home, the easier it is to heat — ever tried to dry out a wet box? On average, we all produce about 30 litres of moisture each day. This is through every-day activities, like washing clothes, taking showers and cooking. Also, moisture rises from the ground of many homes. Not only does this moisture encourage the proliferation of undesirables, it can also make your home cold and damp.

When a home ventilation system distributes warm clean air into your home, cold damp air is driven out.

Reduce power bills

Home ventilation systems aren’t meant to replace air conditioners — they should work alongside them. Because home ventilation systems utilise naturally-generated heat already present in your home, you’ll find that your dependency on your air conditioner will become less.

As home ventilation systems generally cost a 10th of what air conditioners cost to run, this, of course, will have a rather positive impact on your power bill.

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