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We recommend you use a genuine Ventis filter to get the best out of your Ventis Ventilation System. Our filters are a high medical grade filter and filters down to 0.3 of a micron.

Please beware of generic filters, they may not provide the filtration as Ventis filters.

DIY or we'll Install

The Ventis filter is designed to purify the air coming through your roof space, getting rid of pollution, atmospheric dust, and pollens and other allergens.

You can purchase directly from here, then download the instruction manual so you’ll be ready when your filter arrives by courier.

If your filter needs changing and not sure how to do it yourself, get in contact and we’ll arrange everything.

The filter on your Ventis needs to be changed regularly to guarantee the high continuous air quality, which Ventis home ventilation systems are known to produce.

There are two types of filter to choose from…

Standard or Premium Filter

Ventis Filter Q & A

Q: If there are problems with odours in the roof, how can we deal with this?
A: Carbon infused filter

Q: How often do we change the filters?
A: The Ventis system works this out for the customer, but average of about 14 months.

Q: What particle range is the most harmful dust to our lungs and how does our body deal with this?
A: 0.5 – 5 microns. Naturally filter above 5 and below 0.5 passes through our bodies.