Energy Savings

Energy savings with Ventis
Ventis Ventilation delivers many great outcomes for Australian homes and the families and individuals that occupy them. These outcomes include improved indoor air purity, reduced mould and damp, warmer winters and cooler summer nights. But it’s the way Ventis achieves these outcomes without consuming a lot of energy which creates the real benefit – energy savings.
Comfort without the huge cost
The only moving part in a Ventis Ventilation System is the fan. Consuming a similar amount of power to a light globe, the Ventis fan can run all day, every day, and still only cost approximately $10 per month. That means all that free heat on winter days, and all that cooler night time air, purified and circulated around your home, is yours without committing to using large amounts of expensive power. It is using Mother Nature to her fullest to achieve power savings.
Reducing reliance on Heating and Cooling Methods
Reducing the duration of when you use conventional heating and cooling methods is a great way of reducing the power consumed to stay comfortable inside your home. While Ventis Ventilation Systems are not designed to be a dedicated heating or cooling device, they can reduce your reliance on dedicated, power-hungry systems to stay comfortable. Often our customers use their conventional heating and cooling methods around 50% less.
Making the home easier to heat creates energy savings
It takes far more energy to heat a damp home than a dry one. Ventis effectively drives out damp from inside the home, helping to reduce moisture levels in the air, carpets, soft furnishings, and porous building materials like timber, brick and plaster. This means that when conventional heating like a reverse cycle air con or fireplace method is used, the home heats faster and stays warmer for longer with less energy input.
Want to breathe and sleep easier on summer nights, relying less on air conditioning?
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