Ventis Frequently Asked Questions
Life should be easy, which is why at Ventis we believe you shouldn’t have to dig for answers. Here are a few frequently asked questions about the Ventis company and the Ventis home ventilation system.
Is a Ventis system a good alternative to an air conditioner?
Ventis can warm or cool your home using the air from either the roof space or from outside, but the reality is Ventis is not designed to replace a tactical heating or cooling system. However it does reduce your reliance on these other systems and as a result will save you money on heating and cooling. The running cost of a Ventis system is approximately one tenth that of an air conditioner. The Ventis system has an added advantage of introducing fresh air rather than just recirculating and it also purifies the air, eliminating allergens, pollution and moisture.
How does the Ventis home ventilation system differ from other ventilation systems?
The Ventis system is Australian designed and engineered, incorporating the best components from around the world. A unique point of difference is the systems ability to measure and react to both humidity and temperature, crucial for moisture management – other products only measure temperature which can potentially make moisture issues worse. Being one and a half times more powerful than other systems on the market, with one third the energy usage, the Ventis system delivers the highest airflow and among the best quality filtration on the market. Your home will have superior air quality and be more energy efficient.
Do I need a large space in my roof?
No. Even attics with a minimum peak height of 600mm at the highest point can potentially accommodate a Ventis system. At this stage, homes or apartments without a roof space can’t install a Ventis system.
What are the advantages of installing a home ventilation system?
The advantages are numerous, especially if you or your family consider family health or energy efficiency as important. Particularly if anyone in the household suffers from allergies or asthma, or you are concerned about mould, mildew, dust mites and household moisture. By introducing fresh and purified air into your home, you increase airflow and flush out all these negative elements.
Can’t the same be achieved by opening the window?
Sure, by opening the window you do introduce air into your home, but you also allow pollutants, pollens and allergens into your environment – not to mention cold air in the middle of winter. A controlled, regular fresh air flow is the key to a healthy, energy efficient home.
Is a Ventis home ventilation system expensive to run?
Running on an average of less than 100 watts of power, with a maximum of 140W per fan the Ventis system costs only around $5-$10 a month to operate (per fan and depending on settings), but will save you plenty more by complimenting your current heating and cooling systems, thus reducing your overall energy bill.
Is the Ventis system difficult to operate?
Not at all. Simply choose your desired home temperature on the Ventis control panel and leave the system to operate automatically. The system comes with an instruction manual and there is also dedicated phone support to assist with any customised settings for your particular home.
Does the Ventis home ventilation system require regular maintenance?
Thankfully, Ventis has only one moving part – the fan – which does not require maintenance. Filters need replacing approximately every 12 months which can be done DIY or with our fantastic service technicians who will perform a check over the system and its components to ensure its all operating smoothly for you. The system even lets you know when it’s time for a filter change.
What is the average installation cost?
Every house is different and quotes will differ depending on the number of bedrooms, the size of your home and other factors. However, our system is very affordable, so please call or email for a free quote.
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