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What people are saying about their Ventis system…


“We originally bought the system because of a dust allergy only to be delighted by finding it does things we had not contemplated. It keeps dust out of the house, makes the bedrooms more comfortable at night and saves us a lot of money because we only run our air conditioner for short periods.”


“I LOVE LOVE LOVE VENTIS! We’ve had Ventis for around 5 years now and from day one our lives have been improved by having air that feels fresher than outside! As a mild asthmatic I found that my morning cough disappeared overnight because Ventis had removed the particles of irritating pollen and mold with it’s medical grade filter. Honestly, 5 years later and I’m STILL happily recommending Ventis to strangers!”


“Love our Ventis, it has stopped mould growing throughout the house and stopped major condensation issues. It was so bad we would grow moss on window sills. My son’s asthma has improved as has my own hay fever. Would recommend this to anyone with mould, condensation or health problems. We are moving soon but I will be getting it installed at my new house as well!”