Home heating using the sun, and Ventis

Sunshine and daylight radiating upon your roof surface provides a source of free, naturally warm air in the roof space below. This warm air is what a Ventis Ventilation System utilises to become an effective, eco-friendly home heating device.

The Ventis system draws the warm air through a very effective, medical grade filter, removing air pollution including pollen, allergens and harmful dust. Then circulates the fresh, warm, drier air through the bedrooms and living areas in your home, creating a more even temperature, and a healthy ventilation flow.

Abundant warmth for home heating, even on cloudy days

Every home is different, but as the norm, the roof cavity in most homes will heat up during the day (depending on your state, roofing material, orientation to the sun and tree shading). On a sunny winter’s day, the temperature in the roof cavity could be up to or more than ten degrees higher than the outside air temperature. With a Ventis Ventilation system installed, you have the ability to set your preferred indoor air temperature, and when the heat becomes available in the roof space, Ventis will utilise it for home heating.

Home heating and drying

A damp home requires more energy to heat than a dry home. Most winter days, Ventis delivers warmer air into your home, driving out winter damp. As a result, moisture levels in the air, the soft furnishings, timber, plaster, brick, and other porous home material will decrease. With a Ventis Ventilation System installed, your home heating will become far more cost-effective, so even if you need to switch on the air conditioner/gas heater or light the fire on a cold night, your home will heat more quickly, this means less power/gas or solid fuel used to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

What people are saying about heating
  • The whole concept of the Ventis system is brilliant. But the thing that really got me? The filtered air. My wife suffers from asthma and I myself suffer from allergies and we’ve definitely noticed the difference with the purified air, particularly at night – we sleep so much better.

    The difference it makes in winter is great. We come home to a warm house, it’s more comfortable. Our use of the heater and air conditioner has reduced. For instance, we’re at the end of a very hot October and we haven’t turned the air con on once. The auto whirly makes the cooling process of the Ventis a lot more effective.

    Prior to our Ventis, we struggled with the heat, particularly upstairs, but since having it installed – we’ve noticed a massive difference. Ventis works effectively, especially in autumn and spring. The Ventis system does it all – heat, cool, but more importantly purifies the air in your home.

    The difference it makes in winter is great
    David C, Horsley NSW
  • RE: Installation of my Ventis system

    The system kept my house much warmer during winter and again cooler during those very hot summer days. I also must comment on the help given by Simon over the Christmas period. It was just wonderful, he was polite and it was easy to understand his instructions. Thanks to you all.

    Much warmer during winter
    Kit B, Moss Vale NSW
  • The biggest benefit since having our Ventis installed is the improvement in my wife’s health. My wife suffers badly from asthma and allergies and that was the main reason we had it put it in to begin with – the heating and cooling was just a bonus. I’ve noticed her health improve since having our Ventis put in, as well as the amount of medication she is taking reduced.

    We’ve definitely noticed the heating benefits over winter. We haven’t had to use the heater anywhere near as much. Our Ventis is never off – it’s always running. We haven’t noticed it adding anything to the power bills, if anything it’s saved us money with us not using the heater as much.

    Another thing we enjoy is it looks after itself – it turns itself on and off when it needs to. It does its thing without you needing to worry about it!

    We’ve definitely noticed the heating benefits over winter
    Donna and Peter, Mt Warrigal NSW
  • The main benefit I noticed compared to before we had a Ventis was the difference in temperature. It’s taken the chill out of the house. I personally don’t like artificial heating at all, it makes the house stuffy and the fresh air just disappears. So Ventis is a great alternative as you get the heating while ventilating the home to keep the air in the home nice and fresh.

    It’s taken the chill out of the house
    Karen, Mt Kembla, Illawarra NSW
  • The air in our home is so much lighter and warmer. Thanks to everyone at Ventis for the fantastic product and service. We LOVE it!

    The air in our home is so much lighter and warmer
    Deb, Sydney NSW
  • I have found that we are using our heating and cooling less since we have put the Ventis system in. We just received our last power bill and found that our electricity cost is 30% less than last year.

    Electricity bill 30% less
    David (Robinia Grove, Garden Suburbs)
  • We installed the ‘Ventis’ technology at the tail end of winter. Our house was always very cold. The result was truly amazing. The filtered hot air from the roof above the batts has given us more comfort then we could ever imagine.

    However, we didn’t anticipate that the filtered air system would wipe out my lifelong hay fever problem. Health wise, we are so much improved.

    Warmer in winter & wiped out my hayfever
    Gary (Wheeler Heights)
  • Since having the Ventis system installed the house is warmer, drier and generally more comfortable.  Our family has 3 asthma sufferers and that has also been improved.  The after sales service has been brilliant and the installation process good too.

    Warmer, drier & more comfortable
    Peter (Narraweena, NSW)
  • House smells better now that the system is in.

    I feel like I can open the doors of my home and enjoy the outside while having my home stay warm. I love the fact that I can come home to a warm home instead of a cold home in winter.

    This is one of the best investments we’ve made for our home.

    I can come home to a warm home
    Renee (Kula Dr, Medowie NSW)

Want to breathe and sleep easier on summer nights, relying less on air conditioning?