Warmer Winter

Home Heating using the sun, and Ventis
Sunshine and daylight radiating upon your roof surface provides a source of free, naturally warm air in the roof space below. This warm air is what a Ventis Ventilation System utilises to become an effective, eco-friendly home heating device.

The Ventis system draws the warm air through a very effective, medical grade filter, removing air pollution including pollen, allergens and harmful dust. Then circulates the fresh, warm, drier air through the bedrooms and living areas in your home, creating a more even temperature, and a healthy ventilation flow.
Abundant warmth for Home Heating, even on cloudy days
Every home is different, but as the norm, the roof cavity in most homes will heat up during the day (depending on your state, roofing material, orientation to the sun and tree shading). On a sunny winter’s day, the temperature in the roof cavity could be up to or more than ten degrees higher than the outside air temperature. With a Ventis Ventilation system installed, you have the ability to set your preferred indoor air temperature, and when the heat becomes available in the roof space, Ventis will utilise it for home heating.

Home Heating and Drying

A damp home requires more energy to heat than a dry home. Most winter days, Ventis delivers warmer air into your home, driving out winter damp. As a result, moisture levels in the air, the soft furnishings, timber, plaster, brick, and other porous home material will decrease.

With a Ventis Ventilation System installed, your home heating will become far more cost-effective, so even if you need to switch on the air conditioner/gas heater or light the fire on a cold night, your home will heat more quickly, this means less power/gas or solid fuel used to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.
Want to breathe and sleep easier on summer nights, relying less on air conditioning?
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