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How to best utilise your Ventis during dust storms

Your Ventis system can protect you in times of dust storm or bush fire smoke* by filtering the fine particles from the air, so you can breathe air that’s fresh and clear.

Here is how to use your Ventis to purify the air during these times of natural phenomena:

  • Your Ventis filter will capture fine dust particles, removing them before introducing the air into your home
  • Close the windows and doors
  • Use ‘Flush’ mode on your Ventis controller. Flush mode automatically turns off after 2 hours. This will pressurise the house and help reduce dust infiltration, however it will introduce air at the temperature of the source (roof or outside for Auto Coolers) therefore;
  • Use Air Con if you have it to help keep the temperature to a comfortable level. Therefore if you only have Air Con in selected rooms, the other rooms with a Ventis outlet will potentially warm up during a hot day whilst Flush mode is in use.
  • only use Flush mode for 30min at a time if this describes your home

If you have Air con in every room, use it to control the temperature and use Flush mode continuously with your Ventis.
Using Air con will increase your energy consumption, however if you are at risk of asthma this is a small investment in running cost for an unusual Natural event.

Bush Fire smoke* Ventis filters will eliminate fine particles of ash however the standard filter will not eliminate smoke odour. Ventis has Carbon filtration available for purchase which can be retro-fitted to reduce and potentially eliminate smoke odour, depending on severity.

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