Scorching Sun

Natural Cooling this Summer

With electricity prices seemingly rising quicker than the mercury on a day in January, your average Aussie family is going to be searching for cost effective alternatives to using Air Con this scorching summer season. Here are a couple of simple ideas to help keep your home cool: Heat Prevention is better than cure Shading…


Summer tips

Updating your Ventis settings for summer The Ventis system can introduce cooler night air into your home, creating a cooler, fresher and more restful environment.  As every home is different, your Ventis settings can be tailored to suit. However, we suggest the following: Reduce your set point to between 18 and 20 degrees Switch ‘Heating’…


Bary du Bois

Barry du Bois Mould recipe

How to Remove Mould Determine if the surface the mould is growing on is porous or nonporous. In many cases the porous surfaces on which mould is growing will need to be thrown out or replaced if badly stained. This includes clothing, carpet and even silicone in the shower. Bleach as a remediation method is not strongly recommended…


Summer tips for your Ventis system

Here’s a few tips to keep you cool The Ventis system is able to introduce cooler night air into your home, creating a cooler, fresher and more restful environment. There are different settings for every home but we suggest the following: Decrease the set point to between 18-20 degrees Ensure circulation mode is on ‘2’ or ‘Boost Mid’…