Ventis Product Range

In response to customer feedback Ventis has set up this online store. You are now able to purchase filters & accessories easily. Just click on the product you want and follow the process – it’s that easy.

For a full Ventis home ventilation system we recommend getting a free home assessment as prices may vary depending on the configuration of your home.

Change my Filter

The Ventis filter is designed to purify the air coming through your roof space, getting rid of pollution, atmospheric dust, and pollens and other allergens.


To complement the core Ventis home ventilation system we’re pleased to offer a number of accessories to take advantage of…

Auto Coolers

With the addition of the Ventis Auto Cooler, you can choose to utilise cool night air directly from the eave or rooftop, further increasing the cooling capacity of your Ventis system.

The model of the Auto Cooler depends on how many fans you have in your roof.

Auto Whirlys

The Ventis Auto Whirly is a smart accessory which integrates into your home ventilation system. It automatically senses when the roof space is undesirable in summer, and expels it through the eave or a vent in the roof at a rate of 325 litres per second.

Air purifiers

Ventis Air Purifiers are ideal for allergy & asthma sufferers in the bedroom and small offices, as well as removing pollution from main roads, smoke and mycotoxins produced by mould spores.

Ventis Air purifiers have the added advantage of portability, as they can easily be moved from room to room on wheels.