Ventis Auto Coolers

Natural Cooling

Enjoy clean, fresh, cool air in summer without without (or reduce the use of) air conditioners

Save Money

Running a Ventis Auto Cooler consumes far less electricity than conventional AC

It Makes Sense

The perfect addition to your Ventis system for our long hot summers.

Stay Cool this Summer with Ventis

Auto Cooler Add-on for Your Ventilation System

Ventis Auto Coolers are perfect for customers who are already enjoying the benefits of a Ventis Home Ventilation System. The Auto Cooler add-on will keep your home cooler at night this summer.

Using the Ventis Auto Cooler accessory is one of the most effective ways to reduce heat in the home, as well as airborne dust, allergens, smoke, chemicals and air pollution the Ventis Home Ventilation system is already famous for.

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Auto Cooler Options

There are three types of Ventis Auto Cooler depending on the configuration of your current Ventis setup.