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Ventis Auto Cooler: To buy, or not to buy?

Firstly – what is the Ventis Auto Cooler?

The Auto Cooler is an optional accessory which can be separately purchased to ‘bolt on’ to the standard Ventis whole home ducted ventilation system, which only sources air from the roof space.  The Auto Cooler adds a damper and ductwork which can automatically choose whether to source natural air from the roof space or from directly outside. This means you can access cooler night time air earlier in the evening rather than waiting for the roof space to cool down on the standard system.

3 reasons to buy the Auto Cooler

  1. You like the concept of using Free, naturally available cool evening air to circulate throughout your home to reduce or eliminate Air Conditioning usage at night. There are significant cost savings: an average 150m² requires at least 15,000 Watts (15kW) Air Con where as a Ventis uses a 150W (0.15kW) fan for the whole home.
  2. Fresh filtered air, oxygen rich vs stuffy recirculated air: Ventis floods your home with fresh, filtered, cool, natural air while you sleep. It has been compared to ‘lifting the roof of the house and sleeping under the stars’.  Using Air conditioning requires the windows to be shut and the air is not fresh (potentially increasing CO₂ levels in some rooms) because it’s being recirculated.
  3. Night time cooling, windows open: Ventis cools your home while you have the windows open (suggest mosquito screens), or the windows can be closed- the choice is yours. The windows must be shut for Air conditioning to work.

3 reasons NOT to buy the Auto Cooler

  1. You have an expectation of on-demand cooling during the day (the Auto Cooler predominantly works at night and uses air provided from mother nature) and you do not have an existing Air Con unit as back-up.
  2. The health benefits of fresh air are not a priority and you don’t mind the stuffy odour of recycled air from Air Con and keeping the windows shut.
  3. Cost Savings are not a concern, from both installation and running costs.

If you wish to use Air Con, the ideal solution is to have your existing Air Con available for times when mother nature does not offer natural cooling i.e. day-time and some extreme evenings.  The most energy efficient configuration is to have a Ventis installed and use wall-mounted Air Con as a back-up option.  Ducted air con has the advantage of being ‘hidden’ in the roof space and therefore is considered more aesthetically pleasing however they are extremely inefficient and very costly to run especially if the roof space is not well ventilated and the duct-work heats up on a sweltering day.

Ventis can be used in conjunction with existing Air Con to increase health benefits and reduce AC running costs whilst offering tactical, on-demand heating and cooling when required.

You can find more about the best Auto Cooler to suit your needs here.

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