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We’re proud to expand our product range to include QCELL Solar Panels to homeowners in Sydney.

We care about energy efficiency to help Sydney homeowners save money on power bills.

We’ve already helped thousands of families with ventilation and air conditioning solutions.

We take the jargon out of buying solar panels.

Simple. Affordable. Easy.

We will come to your home.
Help you work out the angle of the sun.
Check for shading issues.
Help you work out how much power you are using so you buy what you need.

You only buy what you need, this will help you start saving as soon as possible.

We help you design your solar system.
We speak to your energy company.
We do the installation ourselves.

We’ve already helped thousands of homeowners in NSW

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Ventis Solar

We speak to homeowners every day
Concerned about the rising costs of energy & the environment.
Are you ready to cut your energy bills?
Would you rather spend your money on enhancing your families life?
We offer environmentally friendly solutions to warm, cool and power your home.

We provide a quality, but affordable system that will help you save money on your energy bills.

Ventis Solar continues our mission to help families in Sydney save money and live healthier environmentally conscious lives.

We offer only quality solar panels and expert advice from solar professionals with over twenty years experience.

Enphase Monitoring System

Are you looking to improve your home’s Energy efficiency?

We use Enphase software to keep it easy for you. Enphase Enlighten Software gives you an in-depth understanding of your system. You can see how much energy is being produced and used.

Government Rebates For Solar in Sydney

Save money upfront on your solar panels.
The government incentives for solar and/or home battery systems are available but change everyday!

Enjoy the benefits of solar, plus the added assurance of Ventis Solar as a trusted and eligible installer!

Lock your solar rebate in at today’s price.

Step 1: Check your eligibility

Step 2: Register your interest with Ventis Solar.

Step 3: Apply for a rebate.

Hanwha QCELL Solar Panels G5

We only use high performing solar panels. The best on the market is the new Q.PEAK DUO-G5 solar module from Q CELL.

The new Q.ANTUM DUO TECHNOLOGY gives you high performance on a small surface area.

Q.ANTUM’s world-record cell concept has now been combined with state-of-the-art circuitry, half cells and a six-busbar design, achieving outstanding performance under real conditions – both with low-intensity solart radiation and on hot, clear summer days.

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We’re here to help you enjoy your home. Our home ventilation and air conditioning sytems give you great health benefits and temperature control, without nasty chemicals.

Our Solar Panels are high quality aznd installed by our in house installation team. We want to make living a happier and healthier home life easy and affordable.

3 Big Benefits of Solar Power
For Your Family

1. Breathe Easier at Home

If you would like to heat or cool your home, with solar power you do not have to compromise on heating or cooling. Our customers find that the air conditioning or heating costs are paid for with solar power.

2. Enjoy Quality Lifestyle

If you are concerned about your Electricity bill or your impact on the Environment, by reducting your Reliance on fossil fuels you can Use your favourite electronic appliances guilt-free – laptops, televisions and entertainments systems.

3. Cut Your Energy Bills

Would you rather put your hard-earned dollars towards things you and your family can enjoy – rather than on energy bills? Get ready for an extra holiday a year! Solar panels will pay for themselves in no time. This will leave you with extra cash to spend on your loved ones.

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