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Ventis Summer Settings – reap the cooling benefits

We trust if you suffer from asthma or allergies that your Ventis’ air filtration and positive pressure has provided some relief over the Spring season. Now we have a new season upon us and the heat that comes with it. As the mercury rises we want to provide you with a few tips – to help keep you a bit cooler this summer.

The Ventis system can introduce cooler night air into your home, creating a cooler, fresher and more restful environment. As every home is different, your Ventis settings can be tailored to suit. However, we suggest the following:

  • Reduce your set point to between 18 and 22 degrees
  • Switch ‘Heating’ off ‘Cooling’ on
  • Set Circulation mode to ‘Circ 2’ or Boost ‘MID’ (depending on version of controller)
  • If your system has ‘Drying’ mode, set it to ‘off’
  • If your home suffers from condensation you may want to increase the Circulation level to 3 or High to prevent condensation from occurring.
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