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Will a home ventilation system help you sleep?

Sleep is important. Most of us need seven to nine hours’ of it a night. Without enough sleep, life somehow doesn’t seem so great. And if you’re sleep deprived for too long the effects can be more serious than just an irritable disposition. Ongoing sleep deprivation can lead to depression, decreased cognitive capability and even a diminished sex drive.

Is your home keeping you awake at night?

As well as conditions, like sleep apnoea, your environment too affects the quality of your sleep. And if you feel you’re not getting enough sleep, it’s quite possible your home is the culprit.

Answer these questions:

  • Do you lie awake at night during summer because it’s too hot?
  • Alternatively, are you kept awake during winter because it’s too cold?
  • Is your sleep often disrupted by bouts of asthma or hay fever? These symptoms could all be caused by the environment in your home.

How your home could be ruining your sleep

Excessive moisture

Excessive moisture can reduce the warmth in your home. With most houses, moisture rises from the ground. However, much of the moisture in your home is created by you. This is produced when you shower, wash your clothes or cook, etc. — around 30 litres of moisture per day, on average.

If making your home cold and dank isn’t bad enough, excessive moisture also creates an ideal breeding ground for nasties like mould and dust mites — triggers for asthma attacks.


About 50 per cent of the air we breathe contains toxins — undesirables like dust mites, pollens, moulds and strong odours, etc. And what’s concerning is that they can be found in your home. This isn’t good if you suffer from allergies and/or conditions like asthma of hay fever.

Humid and uncomfortable nights

When night time approaches, we usually close the windows in our home. This is to keep pests out; however, doing this also traps heat in. And we all know that hot, humid nights are not conducive for a good night’s sleep.

Home ventilation systems

Can a home ventilation system help you get a better night’s sleep? Let’s see how they work.

Some benefits of a home ventilation system:

  • Air is filtered for toxins
  • Moisture is removed
  • A comfortable temperature is maintained throughout your home

How home ventilation systems work

Home ventilation systems are installed in your home’s roof space. They source air from either the roof space or from outside. This incoming air is filtered removing toxins, like dust mites, pollens and moulds. Then, by using what’s known as Positive pressure, filtered air is dispersed throughout the living areas of your home, forcing existing stale air through gaps around windows, doors or vents.

So, can a home ventilation system help you get a good night’s sleep? The answer is most likely yes.

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