Fresh Home Air Purification

Whole House Ventilation System

Ventis utilises the free, naturally beneficial air in the roof space or from outside, purifies it then introduces it into your home. Your Ventis System goes through 2 air changes every hour. In doing this, it will flush out damp, stale air and create a positive pressure inside the home. It helps to reduce airborne allergens, odour and dust mite populations.

Using Mother Nature to heat…
Unlike air-conditioning systems, Ventis Home Ventilation won’t heat and cool at the touch of a button. What it does instead, is utilise the free heat in the roof space. Even on a cloudy day, the warmth from the sun hitting your roof radiates into the roof cavity. Depending on your roofing material, there can be significant heat on Winter days in your roof space to warm and dry your home to reduce mould and condensation.

… and cool your home
In Summer at night, Ventis Home Ventilation introduces the naturally cooler air outside the home, without the need to have doors or windows open. That means cool night air without the bugs, or the security risk. All of this at a tiny fraction of the cost of running an air conditioning system means lower power bills, and less reliance on air con. Not to mention purified air being constantly introduced, flushing out airborne nasties like dust, pollen and pollution.

Create an Asthma and Allergy free zone

Health conditions which effect the airways are quite common in Australia. Asthma, allergies and conditions like bronchitis are, unfortunately, part of everyday life for a lot of us. The key to staying in control, and reducing the frequency and duration of episodes, is to control the quality of the air you breathe. You cannot do that outside, but you can inside, with a Ventis Home Ventilation System. You can breathe fresh air when you need it the most.

Our filter – Air Purification
The key component of a Ventis Home ventilation system is the filter. We’re not just blowing air around here. Our filter is carefully controlling the quality of what is in the air that comes into your home. By drawing the air through an F7 (MERV 14) filter, removing dust, pollen, pollution and other nasties down to 0.3 of a micron (coal dust gets down to 1 micron), we can drastically improve the air quality of the home.

You can rely on Ventis to deliver the air purification your home needs. This means you and your family are breathing air that contains far less dust, pollen, viruses, bacteria and mould spores.
Positive Pressure – reducing dust and damp
By constantly introducing filtered air into the home, a Ventis Ventilation System flushes out damp, moisture-laden air and creates a positive pressure inside the home. This greatly reduces dust levels and creates a physical airflow barrier, imperceptible in day to day living, but powerful enough to ensure purified air is constantly blocking ‘dirty’ air from entering your home.
Allowing your home to breathe The Ventis Ventilation System almost mimics our own respiratory system. It draws air in, filters it, and puts it to use. Our ducting even narrows to maintain air pressure all the way to the vents, much like the human airway which narrows as it branches into the lungs.
Neutral Pressure in tightly sealed homes Ventis can design a bespoke neutral pressure system for well-sealed homes to direct the fresh air into the occupied space and the stale air is expelled outside.
Indoor Air Purification – we spend our lives indoors, so what are we breathing?

To quote Department of Agriculture, Water & the Environment, it is generally recognised that Australians spend 90% or more of their time indoors. Indoor air purification is incredibly important, simply because indoor air is most of the air most Aussies breathe today. A Ventis Home Ventilation System is designed to maintain pristine air quality levels throughout your home, all day and night.

Pure Indoor Air

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Positive pressure – reduce cooking smells and reduce indoor dust levels As an added benefit, the continual flow of fresh air into the home helps reduce cooking smells, both intensity and duration, by flushing out the air in the home and replacing it several times an hour – that’s a lot of fresh air!
Fresh air with the windows closed With air pollution, smoke and ash from bush fires and other nasties in the air, sometimes it can feel impossible to breathe clean air in your home without wearing a facemask. A Ventis Home Ventilation system will continuously introduce filtered air via ducted outlets throughout your home. What this does is give you control over the air quality in the home, as your home can breathe even with the doors and windows closed.
Want to breathe and sleep easier on summer nights, relying less on air conditioning?

Ventis COVID-19 Update

‘Ventilation ‘revolution’ needed to speed up Australia’s path out of lockdown’ – Article SMH 22/08/21

‘Filtered Fresh Outside Air into your home’ is recommended by NSW government. & ‘Take steps to improve ventilation in indoor settings. Avoid using recirculated air in HVAC systems and increase outside air intake’.     Updated March 28,2021. – Read More

Similar advice is in US and UK Government publications reference:

From the US – ‘Increase Ventilation with outside air.’ – Read More

From the UK – ‘Mechanical Ventilation in the home.’ ‘Ensure fresh air in do NOT recirculate indoor air’, Updated 30/7/21 – Read More

Ventis has Manufactured and distributed ‘In Home’ ventilation systems for the past 10 years and has been found to be very beneficial to Asthma and other respiratory problem sufferers.

The system introduces fresh outside air through its medical grade filters and continually exchanges air within the home 2-3 times per hour on a continued basis. The positive pressure expels existing air from the home.  For more detailed information call us on 1800 80 20 80

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