Indoor air purification – we spend our lives indoors, so what are we breathing?

To quote, it is generally recognised that Australians spend 90% or more of their time indoors. Indoor air purification is incredibly important, simply because indoor air is the majority of the air most Aussies breathe today. A Ventis Home Ventilation System is designed to maintain pristine air quality levels throughout your home, all day and night.

Air purification – the Ventis filter

The core unit of a Ventis Ventilation system contains an F7 (MERV 14) filter, which keeps the air coming into your home very, very clean. By purifying the air down to 0.3 of a micron (coal dust gets as small as 1 micron), you can rely on Ventis to deliver the air purification your home needs. This means you and your family are breathing air that contains far less dust, pollen, viruses, bacteria and mould spores.

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Positive pressure – reduce cooking smells and reduce indoor dust levels

As an added benefit, the continual flow of fresh air into the home helps reduce cooking smells, both intensity and duration, by flushing out the air in the home and replacing it several times an hour – that’s a lot of fresh air!

Fresh air with the windows closed

With air pollution, smoke and ash from bush fires and other nasties in the air, sometimes it can feel impossible to breathe clean air in your home without wearing a facemask. A Ventis Home Ventilation system will continuously introduce filtered air via ducted outlets throughout your home. What this does is give you control over the air quality in the home, as your home can breathe even with the doors and windows closed.

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