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The Ventis Ventilation system is a completely natural cooling system that works while you sleep

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The Ventis Ventilation system is deigned to keep your home fresh by constantly introducing and circulating purified air.

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Did you know your home generates around 30 litres of water per day from actions like cooking & showering?

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Transforming a cold house into a cosy. warm & comfortable home in winter is simple with the Ventis ventilation system

Ventis provides comfort all year round

“The house is a lot more comfortable year round.”

Since having our Ventis installed, we’ve noticed a massive difference! We haven’t used our air conditioner near as much and the house is a lot more comfortable year round.

Nole & Maureen Jouanett. Oak Flats, NSW

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What people are saying about Ventis
  • Slept soundly last night – usual sleep pattern is restless for a large portion of the night – woke up able to breath through both nostrils – this is not the usual as I normally wake up with a stuffy head and hardly able to breath, followed by copious mucus and runny nose for the first few hours after awaking. So already feeling the benefits of the Ventis system. Dave also slept soundly and woke early – refreshed and ready for the day.

    Can see our health and wellbeing will improve as we gain good quality sleep with the Ventis system in our home. Will certainly pass on information to our neighbours who show interest in the system.

    This customer has had their Ventis installed for 18 hours – Sunshine Coast
    Barbara & Dave Purcell, Sunshine Coast, QLD
  • In winter our home used to be called ‘the morgue’ because it was freezing! And over summer it’d be like walking into a sweat box. But since having our Ventis installed, we’ve noticed a massive difference! We haven’t used our air conditioner near as much and the house is a lot more comfortable year round.

    Over summer the auto whirly has made a big difference too.

    We are very happy with our Ventis. It’s the best money we’ve spent on this house!

    The house is a lot more comfortable year round.
    Nole & Maureen Jouanett. Oak Flats, NSW
  • My Ventis system was installed twelve months ago and I just wanted to tell you how happy I have been with it and the service that the team has provided.

    They have all been courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. The system itself has made a huge difference to my life. I have always suffered from hay fever and this was the main reason that the unit was installed. The weather has been extreme in the last Spring and Summer but, my hay-fever has been the least troublesome since I came to Canberra sixteen years ago.

    Thank you  Ventis!

    The system has made a huge difference to my life
    Kathy, NSW
  • Our home is typically a very cold house in winter, but the Ventis has made such a big difference! Our reverse cycle air conditioner didn’t get put on this winter at all and we only used the gas heater on freezing days, and even then we weren’t turning it on until late afternoon.

    The last few years we’ve both been getting colds through winter, not sure if it’s a coincidence, but this year? Nothing! Mould was a major issue in our home, and one of the main reasons we got it installed in the first place. We’re so glad we did because the mould’s disappeared as well as the musty smells.

    This would have to be the one of the best investment we’ve ever made.

    One of the best investment we’ve ever made
    Bob & Bessi R, Barrack Heights NSW
  • The benefits we get from our system Ventis system far outweighs the initial investment.  Within a week of the installation there was a noticeable difference in the air quality within our home. It got rid of the day-to-day living odours, especially those that come with having two indoor dogs.

    Before getting the system, we had a bad mould problem, but since getting our Ventis installed, there’s been a 100% improvement.

    During winter we’d usually be using the heater for 4-5 hours a day, if not more. This winter, we only required heating for 1-2 hours on really cold days. I suffer from hay fever and asthma and have noticed a great improvement in my health. This spring I haven’t had to use any hay fever medication and I am using my asthma inhaler a lot less.

    We love our Ventis!

    Noticed a great improvement in my health
    Patrick C, Mt Warrigal NSW
  • We had a major mould problem, particularly when we travelled and locked the house up. We were looking for means to control the humidity in the house while we were away. We came across Brendan at a business expo in Kiama and even though our house is mainly cathedral ceiling, Brendan thought that it was possible to find a way to make the system work. So we took a gamble and were initially quite hesitant due to the lack of roof cavity, but Brendan assured us that the system would solve our problem so we decided to go ahead. It’s proved to be very successful!

    So far we’ve had no problems with mould at all. It has helped the heating and cooling – we now use the air conditioner infrequently. We find the system is very quiet, the positive ventilation from the fans is excellent. The single biggest benefit to us is the Auto Whirly pumping the hot air out of the roof in summer; it’s made a big difference. I would recommend the Auto Whirly to anyone! It works so well together with the Ventis system.

    Another thing we’ve noticed is the fresh, clean smell. The best part? The system does what it’s supposed to do.

    It’s made a big difference
    Alan and Margaret, Jamberoo NSW
  • The idea of good ventilation appealed to me when approached by Ventis.

    In winter the house, which is large, is more even in temperature. The roof usually heats up by mid-morning and the house receives warm air from the roof – certainly the house is more comfortable.

    In summer the exhaust of hot air from the roof makes quite a difference.

    Ventis were very communicative and responsive to enquiries.

    The house is more comfortable
    Rob, Cordeaux Heights NSW
  • I am sitting here in my lovely warm home thanks to my Ventis being on most of day today. The air at home is so much better and cleaner now due to the great Ventis filter which cleans it from the roof space before it sends the warm air down into my home – I love it! Thank you, Ventis.

    I love it!
    Alison, Sydney NSW
  • I haven’t forgotten my promise to let you know how the Ventis system is. The system is working beautifully. As you know it gets very cold here in Glenorie but since the Ventis has dried out the house (we had 92% humidity INSIDE in the rain) the temperature is a lovely 14 to 16 degrees during the day and at night we’ve only used the A/C about three times because the system keeps the house so comfortable. A big difference to last and all previous years. At night the temperature hasn’t dropped below 9 (inside) – a real bonus when you think we used to go as low as 2.

    The best thing of all is that I’ve been able to remove all the towels from the bottom of the windows in the bedroom because it no longer rains down the inside of the glass. What a bonus!

    Steve and I just love the system. Can’t wait for summer now to see how impressive it is in the heat. Thanks so much for you time in coming back to ‘walk’ Steve through the whole system, he really appreciated it. The service has been absolutely fantastic. Couldn’t be happier.

    The system keeps the house so comfortable
    Cheryl & Steve, Glenorie NSW
  • We had the Ventis system installed on Saturday by the Gosford crew. We have a lot of air issues both above and under the house and being in the middle of winter doesn’t help things. Mould, smelly air, poor ventilation and damp – mix that with two young kids, myself with asthma – things were not good in the house. Saturday afternoon – we noticed a great deal of difference just in the temperature of the house alone. The back room was the same temperature as my eldest son’s bedroom – a room that was notoriously known as the ice block. By Sunday afternoon – they system had paid for itself. No condensation on any of the windows. Even temperature in every single room. No use of the air conditioner. The smell of the rooms smell fresh, not stagnant. AMAZING!! It’s so worth it and we regret not getting it done earlier. So impressed with the system, so grateful for the Gosford team who were beyond professional and so courteous. Could not speak more highly of the system or the Gosford team. 🙂

    Even temperature in every single room
    Karen S, Gosford NSW
  • I am a convert! I SEE the light (that’s because the condensation on my windows disappears so quickly now).

    We got our system last week and I can’t wait for summer now.

    I am a convert!
    Sarah W
  • Just saw Georgie on a Ventis TV ad. It reminded me to say I’m loving our Ventis. We have not had mould on our windows or ceilings for the past year, and our house is so much more comfortable! Thank you!!

    Our house is so much more comfortable!
    Jenni Brown, Sydney