Cooler Summer Nights

Night time Home Cooling
On hot, summer nights, cost effective home cooling is a blessing. The air outside the home generally cools down faster than the air inside most homes. Most of the time, the temperature difference we see between the roof space and inside the home during the day reverses at night, with temperatures in the roof space decreasing faster than the inside your home.

A Ventis Ventilation System becomes an effective home cooling device by introducing and circulating naturally cooler night air around your home, right when you need it to get a comfortable sleep.
Ventis Autocooler
If deemed a good solution for your home, you can choose to install the Ventis Auto-Cooler, which allows your Ventis Ventilation System to draw cooler night time air directly from the eave, or rooftop, further increasing the cooling capacity of your Ventis system.
Want to breathe and sleep easier on summer nights, relying less on air conditioning?
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