Night time home cooling

On hot, summer nights, cost effective home cooling is a blessing. The air outside the home generally cools down faster than the air inside most homes. Most of the time, the temperature difference we see between the roof space and inside the home during the day reverses at night, with temperatures in the roof space decreasing faster than the inside your home. A Ventis Ventilation System becomes an effective home cooling device by introducing and circulating naturally cooler night air around your home, right when you need it to get a comfortable sleep.

Ventis Autocooler

If deemed a good solution for your home, you can choose to install the Ventis Auto-Cooler, which allows your Ventis Ventilation System to draw cooler night time air directly from the eave, or rooftop, further increasing the cooling capacity of your Ventis system. Already have a Ventis?


Home cooling without the huge power bills

A Ventis Ventilation System will reduce your reliance on power-hungry air conditioning at night to cool down your home. This may result in real power savings through summer.

Clean and cool

This cool, fresh air you breathe while sleeping is filtered using an F7 (MERV 14) filter, removing any allergens, dust, pollution, and other airborne nasties – perfect for asthma or allergy sufferers, children, or anyone who values a restful sleep.

Keep unwanted pests out

As an added benefit, by having windows and doors closed you reduce the number of bugs inside at night. No more lying in bed listening to the mosquitoes because you have the window open for some ventilation. It also allows you to secure your home at night by closing windows and doors, and still keep the flow of cool night time air coming into your home via your Ventis Ventilation System. Not just a home cooling device, but a security feature too.

What people are saying about cooling
  • When James came to my home and told me about the system I was a bit dubious that the system would work as well as what he said it would. I took the leap of faith and couldn’t be happier with the results.

    This summer I have had cooler nights even on the hottest days the nights in my home have been cool and we are sleeping easier. We could actually feel the cool air coming into our bedrooms which is different from the air from my ceiling fans. The Ventis system is quieter than my ceiling fan in my room and we are sleeping easier.

    Last winter I have loved that my whole home has warmed up and my bedrooms start warm. I am happy with the free heat that the system is giving my home. In the evening I use the circulation mode to push the heat from my fireplace throughout the rest of my home.

    The nights in my home have been cool and we are sleeping easier.
    Tom P, Salt Ash NSW
  • We have had our Ventis system installed for a year. During that time we have enjoyed the performance of the system. We no longer sleep with our air conditioner on during the night during summer and we find hot nights are much more comfortable. We also had a mould problem in our bathroom but since installing the Ventis system our mould has gone completely. During winter I love the fact that we come home to a house that’s warm instead of cold, and it does it all without any fuss.

    I would recommend Ventis to anyone.

    Hot nights are much more comfortable
    Manuel R, Haywards Bay Illawarra
  • We purchased the Ventis system because we had moisture problems in all our bedrooms because we had Damprids in all of the bedrooms. After 10 days of having the system I went out of my home and looked around the neighbourhood and found that I was the only home that didn’t have condensation on the windows.

    I have loved the fact that I have used my heating less and loving the cooler temperatures this spring.

    Loving the cooler temperatures
    Mark (Cypress Close, Fletcher)
  • This spring we’ve had quite a few days between 30–40 degrees and found that the house on average is 24 degrees. We have a Ventis system with the Auto Whirly and have found our roof cavity at a cooler temperature naturally. We used to have to turn on our air conditioners the minute we have come home, but now we just come into our home and enjoy the more comfortable temperatures no matter what the temperature is outside. For example on Thursday (25/10/12) the outside temperature was 38 our roof cavity was only 39 and our home was 24.7 degrees. One day my granddaughter was with me at the table and asked if our air conditioner was on because she was quite cool and I said no it is the new Ventis system.

    I no longer have a problem with dust, allergies and condensation in my house.

    We enjoy the more comfortable temperatures
    John & Bev (Fletcher St, Beresfield)

Want to breathe and sleep easier on summer nights, relying less on air conditioning?