Reduce Moisture and Mould

Create a Mould and Damp free home
Every day, even in winter, the sun on your roof creates a source of free, warm air in the roof cavity below. This abundant warmth is what a Ventis Ventilation System uses to create a warmer, drier home and reduce mould and damp.

By constantly circulating purified air throughout your home, Ventis reduces the damp environment the mould loves to grow in.
Reduce condensation and mouldy window sills and curtains
Commonly referred to as ‘crying windows’, condensation occurs when warmer damp air inside the home hits a cold window, which creates a dew point and causes the moisture in the air to condense into droplets and run down the window, where it pools and damages the sill and promotes the growth of mould. Especially in areas behind curtains and blinds which aren’t well ventilated. Mould in these areas is not only unhealthy, but it creates a musty smell and ruins curtains and soft furnishings.

Ventis Home Ventilation effectively reduces condensation by creating a constant airflow throughout the home, flushing out damp and moisture, and ventilating even those tucked away areas. A reduction of condensation on the windows is one of the first noticeable differences after installing a Ventis Home Ventilation system.
You produce 30 litres of moisture per day, without breaking a sweat
Did you know that by just breathing, cooking and doing the laundry in the home, the average family of four generates up to thirty litres of moisture per day? That’s great news for mould, as it thrives in damp environments. We can’t stop breathing, cooking or using the drier on a rainy day, so what can Ventis do to help? A Ventis Ventilation System effectively moves that moisture outdoors by creating a positive pressure in the home, constantly introducing naturally drier air from the roof space and flushing out that moisture-laden indoor air through gaps in doorways and windows. Think of Ventis like an insurance policy for your healthy day-to-day living at home.
Want to breathe and sleep easier on summer nights, relying less on air conditioning?
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