Subfloor Ventilation

Subfloor Ventilation to expel rising damp
Is your home excessively damp or mouldy and you cannot figure out why?

If you do not have subfloor ventilation, moisture rising from below your home could be the culprit. Moisture in the ground can rise through your subfloor area and enter the home, creating damp and mould problems that cause both health concerns and physical damage to your home and its furnishings.
How does Subfloor Ventilation work?

A Ventis Subfloor System works by creating a ventilation flow in the subfloor area. We do this using a fan unit to introduce fresh outside air in and expel subfloor air out.

The number of fan units can change based on the area and the levels of moisture present. Upon a home visit, a Ventis technician will specify the best solution for your home.

How moisture can accumulate under a home

Depending on the lay of the land under your home, water may pool after rainy weather, and then slowly evaporate and rise into the home. Ventis Subfloor Ventilation effectively ventilates and expels this moisture, however you may need to look at solving the problem with drainage solutions to prevent water pooling in the first place.

With the addition of decks and increased vegetation from gardens and shrubs, the natural cross-flow ventilation under homes can be negatively impacted and the usual humidity released from the ground therefore cannot escape the subfloor space. Moisture is constantly released into the atmosphere from the earth and is dispersed by the wind. However, when a house is built over the earth without adequate ventilation, there is nowhere for the moisture to go but into the building materials.

Give your home a ground-up checkup
You can check yourself if you have access to your subfloor area. Does the space feel damp? Does it smell musty? Are there visible signs of moisture or mould present? If so, it is well worth considering ventilating the area to prevent rising damp causing problems in the home.
Want to breathe and sleep easier on summer nights, relying less on air conditioning?
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